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Engaging Communities
Enaging Communities

Welcome to Engaging Communities

Engaging Communities enables public and private organisations to form real connections with the voluntary and community sector. It works to a social model of health; recognising the wider determinants of health and uses a community development approach in order to 'Consult, Involve and Connect' individuals and communities through meaningful involvement and engagement. Engaging Communities CIC Ltd is a Bradford based Company.

Our aims are:

  • to provide a link between the public, private and voluntary sectors and grassroot community organisations through consultation and involvement
  • to provide individuals and groups with the opportunities  to be actively involved in the decision making process
  • to develop meaningful networks and connections across all sectors


‘To consult – to give or get help, advice or information’

Engaging Communities consults with local people to seek their opinion in order to understand what is important to them, and how they view services and service providers. Other organisations consult with Engaging Communities, seeking their advice.

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‘To include people as part of something’

Idle Wellbeing Cafe is supported by volunteers; in fact the cafe could not continue without their ongoing involvement. People continue to volunteer as they enjoy their role and feel they are making a valuable contribution to the community.

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‘To bring together or into contact so that a link is established’

Through the Wellbeing Worker in Practice, individuals are being signposted and supported to connect with a wide range of groups, activities and organisations, which in turn will provide the ongoing support those individuals need.

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